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Challenge #5: Rachel Bilson-- A&B

Challenge #5 features Rachel Bilson
Challenge Ends Tuesday: 4/5

[x]This is an icon(a) + optional header(b) challenge
[x]You may submit only one icon
[x]Do not show anyone, or tell anyone what your icon looks like
[x]icon must fit lj standard rules maybe any size up to 100x100 and under 40K
[x]you may use animation
[x]use the pictures provided, you may use any others that you find, but one of the picutres MUST be ones i provide you
[x]no text is required, but is always nice
[x]be creative, here are some tips:
--use different parts of the pictures, beSIDES her face.
--use more the one picture in the icon
--use different techniques in sizes of icons
--icon_extrasicon_gradients100x100_brushes are some communities for sources of brushes, gradients, light textures, this time im not giving you my stuff, because i dont have time.

[x]You may submit a header of any kind as well but you do not have to. we'll have to parts to the challenge.
[x]it can be a blend, or just one picture
[x]no text is required, but is always nice
[x]you also may use animation on this if you wish
[x]there is no size requirement

Please remember, you do not have to submit a header, but if you do, you must also submit an icon
An icon is required for your entry, but the header is not

One Two Three

im working on uploading a bunch of stuff into a new photobucket account just for angelic, so its not password protected, such as resources, pictures etc.

also, i would really appreciate it if you can add any resources you may have, communities, website for brushes, textures, gradients etc for both psp and ps so i can start working on a resource post.

Use this form to post your entries:

Also, if you want to put a link in your journal for the entries, post this:

Number of Entries:
(A)Icon: 10!!
(B)Header: 7!!
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