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The Angels of Hollywood

Icon Challenge

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

1. Challenges will start on Sundays, when I get it posted. I'll post the weekly challenge with the pictures to use & the rules for that week.

2. Challenges will end on Thursdays at midnight. I'll post a results post. Most challenge communities have actual polls. Well, you need a paid account for that. So I'll post the icons in a post, numbered, and you'll just reply with the number you want to win.

3. All entries will be screened

4. All voting entries wil be screened

5. DO NOT go telling members/other lj users what icon is yours. If i find this out, you will be disquallified, and banned.

6. When voting: you may vote for your own, only once. Each person may vote only once. I will keep track. Also, in you vote post put your suggestion for the next challenge. EXAMPLE: "my vote is #5 and I want Jessica Simpson to feature in the next challenge"

7. Voting ends on Saturday nights at midnight.

8. I'll have awards up shortly after.

9. When I say midnight~ That's Colorado time. So 2am on the east coast, and 11pm on the west coast.

10. If you are taking an icon, please wait until AFTER the voting is done and awards are given out. If you are using the icon that you are submiting as an entry, follow these same rules. But please credit the original maker. I'll post makers after voting is over and awards are given.

11. We need as many members as possible, so please promote w/ any of these button:

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H I T  T H E  B E A C H
i'm 16 (and have been since december 31). ... Heather. i live in southern california - everybody's fantasy. i got to a teeny little private school, where i'm a junior. i'm currently single. i love shopping; i'm such a label whore. i'm also a swimmer, and believe me, it's my life. i'm your completely typical california girl - i'm always at the beach, my best guy friends are surfers, and yeah, i'm naturally a blonde. i'm a bitch when i need to be, but i'm more likely to be nice to you - unless you've started shit.